The (Good) School Seat Scramble in L.A.

In The News

July 29, 2007

While most of the presidential candidates continue to push supply-side education reforms (trickle-down edunomics) the L.A. Times today takes a good look at the demand-side of the equation. Waiting lists at the best schools numbering in the thousands, parental-frustration, important real estate decisions on the mind, etc. (One family figured they could rent out their North Hollywood home and then move to a $400,000 trailer park in Malibu just for the schools.)

Lo and behold, it turns out both Anglo and non-Anglo parents want good schools just as badly. Who knew? Some interesting stuff on racial integration as well.

And, speaking of Mike Piscal, his public charter schools seem to have some of the longest waiting lists, according to Howard Bloom and Carla Rivera.