LA Supt. Brewer: Please Let Me “Kick Some Ass”

In The News

June 28, 2008

Add Los Angeles Unified Superintendent David Brewer to the shockingly long list of American school leaders who once believed that they were in charge of their schools, only to have cold water/reality dumped on their heads.

At a forum the other day in L.A., Brewer lamented that no one is really in charge (one of the main reasons why no one is ultimately responsible.)

“There are so many things that protect adults in this system that have to change,” Brewer is quoted as saying on the LA Times education blog.

Then, speaking of the school board, Brewer implored: “Give me political cover to kick some ass and make some changes.”

Prediction: Since Brewer has now figured out where the bodies are buried, he will be gone by Christmas break… Thanks for trying, Admiral!