DFER congratulates Booker on win in NJ Senate primary


August 13, 2013

Democrats for Education Reform congratulates Newark Mayor Cory Booker on today’s win in the New Jersey Senate primary election to fill former Senator Frank Lautenberg’s vacant seat. As Mayor, Booker has been a stalwart supporter of education reform efforts in Newark and throughout the country.

A poll released today by Education Reform Now shows New Jersey Democrats support the work Booker has done on education reform as Mayor of Newark: 48% of those polled said his education reform work is “very convincing,” with 32% listing it as “convincing.” When it comes to the Senate race, eight out of ten NJ Democrats say his support for education reform make him a good choice for the US Senate, and 81% believe Cory Booker will fight for comprehensive school reform nationwide if elected.

Based on the results of this poll and the work he has done to improve educational outcomes for students, we are confident Mayor Booker will sail through the general election in October to earn his seat in the US Senate, where he will continue his efforts to improve our nation’s schools and ensure the success of all students.