ERNed Media: Moral Outrage Edition


June 29, 2018

The Moral Imperative to Tackle Higher Ed Reform

Michael Dannenberg writes about why education reform advocates should recognize extending their work to higher ed is a moral imperative that also happens to present a political opportunity. Talking points here. Additional shocking statistics included in our PowerPoint briefing.

The Current State of Immigration Play

There’s a lot happening in immigration, from the end of the DACA discharge petition to the failure of a Republican bill to multiple cases making their way through the courts. Read Janette Martinez’s latest blog post to get caught up on recent immigration-related activity and why Congress must act.

Charles Barone in The 74: Trump’s bid to merge the Departments of Education and Labor is a distraction.

Did last week’s head fake on the Departments of Education and Labor merger distract you from the ProPublica Report on the dismantling of civil rights enforcement? That’s exactly what they wanted. Read more from Charles Barone here.

Are College Graduation Gaps in Massachusetts Getting Better or Worse?

In a follow up to No Commencement in the Commonwealth, Konrad Mugglestone finds that graduation gaps are getting worse in MA, especially for Latino students. Look at the data and read his recommendations to improve graduation rates through a comprehensive college promise plan.

Robert F. Kennedy- ESEA Author and Progressive Proponent of Assessments and Accountability

Robert F. Kennedy’s concern for accountability within educational communities influenced his co-authoring of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. In a new blog post, Charles Barone emphasizes the  need to demand, in the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, the same type of accountability RFK envisioned.