Barone and Martinez: 3 Ways Governor Phil Murphy Could Clean Up PARCC High School Testing Mess


July 12, 2018

Governor Phil Murphy announcing yet another PARCC testing proposal at the Golden Nugget Casino

“New Jersey’s testing and high school graduation policies are proving increasingly confusing. Over the years, the state has repeatedly changed the role of PARCC and other assessments in awarding high school diplomas. Current high school testing requirements are so complicated that the state Department of Education admitted that is was providing faulty guidance and some districts had to take emergency measures this spring to make sure students were on track to graduate. Then, on Wednesday, Gov. Phil Murphy presented a plan to the State Board of Education to eliminate some, but not all, PARCC high school testing requirements. This interim, temporary measure is likely to further muddy the waters for school leaders and teachers. There is a straightforward way that state leaders could clean up this mess.”

More in op-ed by Charles Barone and Janette Martinez at here