Three Key Strategies…

(1) New Policy Solutions – Education Reform Now develops and advances new policy solutions centered on: (i) better teaching; (ii) public school choice; (iii) innovation in public education, including public charter schools; (iv) tough accountability in K-12 and higher education; (v) education finance, and (vi) the best practices for turning around low-performing schools.

(2) Cultivating & Supporting New Leaders – Education Reform Now builds and sustains coalitions at the state and national level to advance a progressive perspective, unencumbered by vested special interests, on public education reform and improvement. We identify emerging leaders as well as latent constituent groups and aid in their growth and development.

(3) Mass Communication – Education Reform Now publishes original research, white papers, issue briefs, op-eds, and blog posts. We and our partners are regularly quoted in news coverage of public education reform from coast-to-coast. In 2012 alone, we appeared in over 1,850 news articles and op-eds in publications, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Time, and Newsweek.

…A Track Record of Success

ERN-National proposed the key policy elements embraced in the Obama Administration’s Race to the Top Initiative, including lifting of state charter school caps, adoption of college and career ready standards (be they common core or otherwise), and linking teacher evaluation systems at least partially to impact on student achievement.

ERN-National proposed major reforms to teacher preparation policy and led 25 groups in support of a plan to “reward the good, improve the mediocre, and transform or shut down the bad.” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has issued draft regulations implementing the plan nationwide. It impacts over 13,000 teacher preparation programs at more than 1,400 institutions of higher education nationwide.

ERN-New Jersey was a lead advocate behind Democratic State Senator Teresa Ruiz’s (D-Newark) groundbreaking teacher tenure reform legislation. The new law overhauls NJ’s antiquated tenure law, replacing it with annual evaluations to ensure only effective teachers remain in the classroom.

ERN-Washington State led the coalition that lifted Washington State’s ban on public charter schools. Thanks to ERN-Washington’s work, the state now has one of the strongest charter school laws in the country.