Jacquelyn previously served as the New York Executive Director of Advocacy at Achievement First (AF), where she led advocacy, community engagement, and partnership work. During her time at AF she was instrumental in cultivating critical relationships with the community, elected officials and key stakeholders in a $35 million school expansion project within Brooklyn—providing high quality public education options to more than 8000 students throughout New York. She spearheaded a robust parent program during the pandemic to engage hundreds of parents, and helped expand AF's high quality charter network to Queens, New York. Prior to her time at AF, she served as a labor organizer for 32BJ SEIU where she oversaw collective bargaining agreement implementation for over 2,000 workers at JFK airport. She also served as the Deputy Director of Program Management and Fundraising for the New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce in which she oversaw all fundraising, advocacy and external relations efforts. Through her work she was instrumental in providing free programming to over 2k businesses and assisted in raising over 1.5M dollars for the organization. Additionally, she was a part of a successful advocacy effort to pass Senate Bill S. 6513-B, which increased the micro-purchase threshold for certified firms within New York State. Previously, she managed two large scale programs for Women’s Entrepreneurs NYC (WE NYC), the first major municipal initiative to address the entrepreneurship gender gap, serving over 5K businesses. Jacquelyn is a graduate of the Broad Center Residency in Education Leadership and the Columbia University School of Social Work.

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