What are the #BlackonCampus Protests Really About?


By Jack Esslinger Since the protests at Mizzou, students at over 100 colleges have joined the still nascent #BlackonCampus movement, demanding changes in areas like building names, faculty diversity, and resignations of campus officials and...

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Diversity Beyond Affirmative Action

mizzou protests

By Michael Dannenberg The problem of racial insensitivity on campus has soared to public attention this week thanks to University of Missouri student activism. For too long, too many have reduced the issue of...

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No, The Era of Soaring College Prices is Not Over

CB Jack Picture

By Jack Esslinger Positive tuition data from last week’s release of College Board’s annual report Trends in College Pricing prompted a flurry of good-news media headlines: “The era of soaring college prices might be...

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Institutional Racism at Mizzou

NYT Mizzou Students

By Mary Nguyen Barry Yesterday’s resignation of the University of Missouri President and Chancellor marked a victory for college student activists, particularly student athletes, in standing up to racial injustice. Attention to the protests...

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Our Fisher vs. UT Affirmative Action Argument

support ut affirmative action

By Mary Nguyen Barry Earlier this week, Education Reform Now & Democrats for Education Reform led a group of five nonprofit education advocacy organizations in defending colleges’ use of race in admissions. In an...

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