Attention Returns to College Endowments


By Michael Dannenberg College endowments are back in the news. The House tax committee turned a spotlight to the issue yesterday at a Capitol Hill hearing. The committee and its Senate counterpart already have...

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A Money-Back Guarantee for College?


By Mary Nguyen Barry Should college come with a money-back guarantee? A recent Brookings op-ed argues, “Yes,” and highlights several innovative colleges offering prospective students guarantees of on-time graduation, employment, and post-graduation earnings. But while...

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Higher Education Reform Now

college inequality

By Michael Dannenberg Do you think higher education is held accountable for poor outcomes? No? Me neither. On one end of the spectrum, we have high-quality, wealthy colleges reaping the benefits of public support...

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Donald Trump’s Education Week

groundhog day french poetry 1

By Michael Dannenberg According to press reports, Donald Trump’s “education week” begins next Monday (August 29th) – timed to coincide with ‘back-to-school’ happenings. He’s expected to push traditional Republican fare like private school vouchers, anti-Common...

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