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The Leaders of Color Initiative

Recruit. Elect. Elevate.

The Leaders of Color Initiative (“LOCI“) program recruits black and brown leaders for public office. These leaders are respected in their communities and are provided a suite of resources to help win elections and increase their influence. Not only are community-based leaders uniquely essential to the sustainability of education reform, local leaders who support reform values are also the least likely to receive the supportive services necessary to launching and winning elections. The LOCI Training Program is the launch of our long-term development to unapologetically usher in a new, bold group of Black and Latino elected officials.

The LOCI provides 70-plus hours of training content, delivered over a span of five months with in-person training weekends, focuses on cultivating leadership abilities, building education policy knowledge, and honing campaigning skills — all with an equity lens.

LOCI Memphis

Education reform in Memphis began in earnest after Tennessee was awarded a Race to the Top grant under the Obama Administration. At that time 69 of the lowest-performing schools in the state were concentrated in five neighborhoods in Memphis. Significant investments in schools and communities over the last decade has steadily improved outcomes for kids, but Memphis needs more legislators who represent those communities. LOCI Memphis is proud to work alongside the students, families and teachers in Memphis and Shelby County to support leaders who believe that all students can learn.

In 2018, Education Reform Now (ERN) launched the Leaders of Color Initiative (LOCI) in Memphis with a cohort of 15 African American community-based leaders and developed a comprehensive 70- plus hour training program. In 2019, an additional 16 joined our original cohort.

We are beginning our efforts to recruit our third cohort with the goal to admit 15-20 new participants into our 6 month, 70 hour program.

We will train one weekend per month – Starting in March 2020 – August 2020. Trainings are held on Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 3pm both days. All meals and snacks are provided. Programming is provided at no cost to participants.

Apply at https://tinyurl.com/LeadersofColorInitiative 

For more information on LOCI, please contact:

Mike Bland
National Director, LOCI