Leave Your Legacy


ERN and more than 20 other education and civil rights groups have called on colleges presidents and boards of trustees to end the unfair and discriminatory legacy preference. Now we’re going further. Join ERN, Ed Mobilizer, and hundreds of alumni as we band together to work toward ending the discriminatory practice of legacy admissions. In the #LeaveYourLegacy campaign, we are pledging not to donate to our universities until they get rid of legacy admissions, a system designed to exacerbate inequity for higher education.

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Most highly selective colleges and universities award a “legacy preference” in admissions to prospective students that claim a family member among institution alumni—a disproportionately white and wealthy group. The value of the preference is quite significant, equivalent to 160 extra points on the SAT. At top 30 universities, legacy students have a 45% greater chance of being admitted than non-legacy students and fill between 10% and 25% of all available slots. Several institutions have voluntarily ended use of a legacy preference (e.g., Johns Hopkins) or never used it in the first place (e.g., MIT) and at least one state, Colorado, spurred by ERN’s work has banned its use at public colleges. We would like more to do the same.

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