Policy Briefs

A Democratic Guide to Public Charter Schools

By Charles Barone and Marianne Lombardo From their origins in the 1980's all the way up until present day, public charter schools have enjoyed support from elected officials, thought leaders, and…

Teacher Education Accountability: Arguments & Responses

On December 3, 2014, the Obama Administration officially released its draft teacher education accountability regulation. Education Reform Now highlights opposition arguments to the regulation and offers a set of responses.

Teacher Education Reform 1.0

In this November 20, 2014 PowerPoint, our Director for Strategic Initiatives and a former senior advisor in President Obama's Department of Education, Michael Dannenberg, offers a sneak peek at how…

The High School – Higher Ed Nexus

Over the last several months, top Democratic officials have asked for our thoughts on how to respond to the public's thirst for improved levels of college affordability.  Linked below is…