Viva Bloomberg? Edupressure for Dems?

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June 20, 2007


My wife called me breathlessly yesterday while I was on a tarmac in Los Angeles. For some reason, she always gets breathless when she talks about her man Bloomberg, but that is a post for another day. She was calling to relay the big news that Mayor Bloomberg had formally decided to adios the Republican Party.

Just a couple of really quick thoughts, which we can get into a bit more when and if the mayor ever decides whether or not he is serious about his flirtations with a presidential run:

1. The big news for many NYers with this story was the reminder that, yeah, technically, the guy was a Republican, we guess, sort of, if you want to be a stickler.

2. If Bloomberg does jump into the race, at a time when he and the fundraising arm of the NYC schools are embarked on a major advertising campaign backing the Bloomberg-era education reforms, it would most certainly put instant pressure on the Democratic candidates to come up with something more interesting for ed reform than the usual lethargic song and dance orchestrated by the National Education Association. Right? Or do we just tuck the tail between the legs for another four years?

Very interesting.

PS – Check out the note from Caroline Kennedy on the link above. You can’t get more Democratic than a Kennedy.