Caprice Young Moves On

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August 20, 2008

I had no idea what to do for a headline for this post. I wanted to pay due respect to a DFER board member, good friend, and education warrior without making it seem like she had, uh, expired or something. So "Caprice Young Moves On" will have to suffice.

Caprice, a true Democrat for education reform, is stepping down from her post as head of the all powerful and everlasting California Charter Schools Association to become a bigwig at Knowledge Universe.

For those of you who don't keep up with what Caprice has done since her days on the LAUSD School Board and with the association, it is impossible to describe in a blog post the amazing level of productive/constructive ass-kicking that has occured because of her work/passion.

Caprice was supposed to join us at an education reform commune*** we have set up at the DNC convention next week, but will be otherwise busy dealing with a big change in her life. Like a soldier who has gone off to war, we will leave a chair at the picnic table empty in her honor.

Congrats Caprice!

*** There is talk that Eduwonk, one of the co-habitants at the commune, will be selling clothing made out of hemp, and then using the proceeds to buy locally-produced, organic eggs for edu-omelettes for the rest of the communist/ed reformers. I will update you if this turns out to be correct.