Group urges Governor Chafee to support charter schools

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January 27, 2011

By Jennifer D. Jordan

(From The Providence Journal, January 26, 2011)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — For the second time in two days, an education advocacy group is appealing to Governor Chafee to push ahead with controversial school reforms, in this case the growth of public charter schools, an expansion the governor has made clear he does not support.

Joe Williams, the executive director of Democrats for Education Reform, hand-delivered a letter with his concerns to the governor’s office Wednesday morning, said the organization’s spokesman Bill Fischer.

“Democrats for Education Reform today called on Governor Lincoln Chafee to abandon his call to take a ‘thoughtful pause’ on the development of new charter schools,” the statement said.

The promise to expand these alternative public schools was a key part of Rhode Island’s successful Race to the Top application, which will bring $75 million to schools over the next four years.

Federal education officials have said that changing any part of the plan could jeopardize the entire grant.