Statement by Democrats for Education Reform on Misleading Race to the Top Report Released Today by EPI/BBA


September 12, 2013

The report released today by the new Economic Policy Institute (EPI) and the Broader Bolder Approach (BBA) shows the extent to which adults invested in blocking needed education reforms will go to defend their interests. This is intellectual dishonesty of the worst kind by very smart people who know better.

“To call this junk science is an insult to junk. Fred Sanford is turning over in his grave,” said DFER Policy Director Charlie Barone.

“In all seriousness, we’re disappointed that a collection of experts would spend so much time and effort criticizing initiatives that are in their very early stages of implementation.

“There are many Race to the Top success stories out there. Instead of looking at what has gone well EPI/BBA has instead chosen to focus prematurely on areas where change has not produced discernible results. In so doing, they’ve chosen to tear down our public school system and the educators who are working so hard each and every day to improve it.”