"Who The Heck Are They Endorsing?!" – Part Eight

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November 4, 2014

Happy Election Day! In honor of the days leading up to Election Day, we’ve been featuring some facts about candidates that surprised us…and we thought would also raise the eyebrows of our fellow progressive reformers fighting for our kids every day.

We thought we’d just offer a sampling of some folks who are anything but progressive, but who have somehow earned the thumbs up of their local teachers unions.

Dwight Kay


Name: Dwight Kay (R-IL)
Office: State Representative, 112th District
Biggest Issues: Anti-LGBT
Endorsed by: Illinois Education Association

Representative Dwight Kay is running to be re-elected into the Illinois House of Representatives. In 2012, he filled legislation that would “allow religion based or affiliated adoption agencies with state contracts to decline an adoption or foster family home application, as well as licensure and placement, to anyone in a civil union.” He referred to this bill as “common sense”. Rep. Kay has also voted against expanding sex education curriculum, and against increasing the education budget. Still, he was endorsed by the IEA.

Happy voting!