RELEASE: DFER on Chicago Election Results: Education Reform Works for Schools and at the Polls

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February 24, 2015



Following Mayor Emanuel’s strong showing of over 45 percent of the vote and double-digit lead over his closest competitor, and decisive wins for pro-education reform Aldermen Will Burns, Patrick O’Connor, and Michelle Harris, DFER Executive Director Joe Williams released this statement:

“Tonight’s results are a win for the students in Chicago—the students who are now more likely to graduate from high school, who have greater access to internships and better math and science classes that will help them compete in the new economy, who now will have more than 100 hours more time in class per year, who know they can go to community college tuition-free if they maintain a B average. Tonight is a win for the students who are finally starting to get a fair shot at a good education, regardless of the neighborhood where they’ve been raised.

“Mayor Emanuel goes into the runoff as a strong leader with widespread support in Chicago. His impressive lead over Garcia means that tonight is also a win for everyone who has worked to improve education in our country by keeping what works and getting rid of what doesn’t.

“In this runoff, Chicago will choose between a leader who has made huge strides for students throughout the city and a candidate backed by those who would turn a blind eye to the problems our schools are facing. I have every confidence that Chicago will stand up for the policies that will give our students a fair shot at the education they deserve.

“To every Democratic candidate who knows that we as a party should be the champion of high quality public education, but who has been worried about politics: tonight, we have proof that good policy IS good politics.”