Things You Should Know About Teacher Pay: Part 1 – DC IMPACTplus

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July 14, 2016

By Marianne Lombardo

Due to renewed interest in teacher compensation, we’re starting a new blog series to feature infographics that convey what we know about teacher pay and its relationship to other important factors in ensuring equal education opportunity for all students.

teacher pay pic

This is Part 1 in our new Teacher Pay series. Stay tuned!


We’re seeing a renewed interest in the issue of teacher compensation.

  • A recent Brookings Study found that American teachers are underpaid when compared to teachers in the nations with which we compete.
  • Members of the Los Angeles School Board recently called for new efforts to attract and retain teachers in hard-to-staff schools.
  • In her address to the NEA convention on July 5th, Hillary Clinton said she wants to increase salaries. “No educator should have to take a second or third job just to make ends meet,” Clinton said.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts surrounding the topic of teacher pay, let’s take a look at a program that gets it right: Washington D.C.’s IMPACTplus.

Under D.C.’s IMPACTplus, a performance-based compensation system for members of the Washington Teacher’s Union (WTU), teachers in the District of Columbia get additional compensation and incentives. Through IMPACTplus, outstanding DCPS educators are now being paid what they deserve.

The result? 92 percent of “Highly Effective” and 86 percent of “Effective” teachers were retained. Learn more with our infographic below.


DC ImpactPlus Infographic