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May 25, 2018

Democrats’ Epic Teacher Pay Proposal

In his latest blog, Charles Barone lays out how to make the Democrats’ teacher pay proposal a great deal for teachers and students.

Just Released: No Commencement in the Commonwealth

Michael Dannenberg & Konrad Mugglestone released a new reportNo Commencement in the Commonwealth: How Massachusetts’ Higher Education System Undermines Economic Mobility for Latinos and Others – And What We Can Do About It. Head to our website to learn more.

DeVos Does It Again

Earlier this week, Secretary DeVos again showed her lack of knowledge about the Department of Education’s role. In saying schools should decide whether to report undocumented students, she oversteps her authority and is at odds with the Constitution. Read the response from our President, Shavar Jeffries, and revisit our blog on what schools should do instead.

Michael Dannenberg sat down with Commonwealth Magazine’s Executive Editor Michael Jonas for an in-depth discussion on what makes for a quality, state or national college promise program. Read the write up and find a link to the podcast on our website.

What is “merit” in higher education and what should it be? ERN’s Konrad Mugglestone discusses a missed opportunity to redefine “merit” scholarships in Louisiana’s TOPS debate.

Guest post: College Dropouts Now Exceed High School Dropouts. What Are We Going To Do About It?

In a guest blog post, Chad Adelman writes on the increasing number of college dropouts and what education advocates can and must do to address this problem.