Candidate’s Guide to Public Education in CT: The Facts and Why They Matter for Our Future

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May 29, 2018

We can all agree: Connecticut is looking ahead to the future and planning for new fiscal and social realities. Students must be at the center of these game-changing initiatives, and meeting their needs will secure the fiscal health and growth of our state for generations to come.

Connecticut’s progress on the National Assessment of Educational Progress appears to have stagnated for the past few years. Our results show wide achievement gaps and low-performance among high-need communities, even as compared nationally to their peers.

At every level, candidates running in the Connecticut 2018 elections are uniquely positioned with platforms to raise the critical issues that presently face public education, and to consider solutions for preparing the students and schools of the future. However, many candidates, at every level of state and local office, are unsure of what the most pressing issues around education in CT are.

Education Reform Now worked with our partners at Achieve Hartford!, CBIA, and CCER to develop and distribute this guide.

This bi-partisan guide is meant to inform candidates about what critical education priorities in Connecticut must be addressed and help to elevate these issues in a forum, town hall, or at meetings with constituents. Discussing these issues on the campaign trail will help to foster debate and inform the public about key levers for improving public education.

In this guide, we will specifically look at three key education issues:

  • Funding transparency and resources
  • Supporting CT’s teachers of tomorrow
  • Competitiveness for all CT students


Check out the full guide here: Candidate’s Guide to Public Education.