DFER Acting Executive Director says Americans need a leader, not a liar, to tackle challenges our education system faces

Today, Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) Acting Executive Director Lea Crusey released the following statement:

“This weekend, one of the journalists who knows Chris Christie best, Star-Ledger editorial board member Tom Moran, explained what he’s learned in 14 years of covering Chris Christie. As Christie prepares a presidential bid, Moran warned that Americans should be concerned about Christie’s propensity to lie to suit his political interests. We in the education community don’t need a liar; we need a leader.

“We need a president with the integrity to say what is working for our kids and prioritize investments in those programs. We need a president committed to being honest with parents and teachers alike about what isn’t working, and work to change schools and programs to ensure our children all have access to a good education. Voters deserve more than what Christie has to offer.”