RELEASE: DFER Congratulates State Rep. Christian Mitchell On Decisive Primary Victory in Chicago

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March 8, 2014

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DFER Congratulates State Rep. Christian Mitchell On Decisive Primary Victory in Chicago

Education reform message clearly resonates with city’s Democrats

Washington, DC – March 18, 2014 – Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) congratulates Illinois State Representative Christian Mitchell today for his win in the Illinois primary election.

In an election that served as a referendum on the future of education in Chicago, Rep. Mitchell overcame an onslaught of attacks and resources from political groups within his own party who opposed his commitment to education reform. The Chicago Teachers Union and its allies contributed more than $300,000 to Mitchell’s challenger in an attempt to unseat him, pledging to make this election a cautionary tale for other elected officials committed to ending the education status quo that exists in Chicago and throughout the country.

“For too long, the debate among Democrats in the city has been hyper-focused on the politics surrounding reform rather than on the urgent need to transform a system that is failing so many of our kids,” said Joe Williams, Executive Director of DFER.

While in office, Mitchell has campaigned for equitable school funding and promoted effective public charter schools that provide Illinois parents with options for educating their children. He has pledged to continue advocating for education while serving the people of Chicago, and his track record proves that he will stand by that promise while in office for the next 2 years.

“The groups who hoped to use this election to write Representative Mitchell’s political obituary and send a message failed,” said Rebeca Nieves Huffman, State Director of DFER-IL. “Despite a barrage of negative attacks, Mitchell’s vision to provide every student in Chicago with a high-quality education resonated with voters. We are proud to have supported such an emerging, progressive champion for education. We are confident that Christian’s decisive victory will help him come out on top once again in the general election on November 4.”


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