As National Deputy Director for Advocacy, Policy Engagement & Partnerships, Dana works with federal policymakers and elected officials to advance pre-K-12 education policies that maximize educational opportunities for all students, especially students from historically underserved communities.

Dana began her professional career in education at DC Public Schools’ central office, and went on to teach as a certified special education teacher at public schools in New Orleans, LA and Charleston, SC. Prior to joining ERN, Dana served as deputy director for StudentsFirst South Carolina, where she led the K-12 legislative work, including advocating for a stronger state ESSA plan, and established herself as a go-to policy expert for legislators, parents, community members, and state-level non-profits and agencies.

Dana immigrated from Trinidad & Tobago and is the first in her family to graduate from college, earning both her bachelor’s degree and Master of Public Policy from the University of Virginia.

She approaches her work through the lens of an educator, and now, as a parent.

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